Smash the F*cking Rail Fest  (1st Sept)

Smash the F*cking Rail Fest (1st Sept)

Push Play and Gringus Drangus Productions present... Smash the F*cking Rail Fest Saturday 1st September @ Gravity Spread across two stages, “SMASH THE F*CKING RAIL FEST” is a tectonic night of heavy edm, dubstep, hard rock, metal and live dnb. Strap on your neck brace and prepare for moshpit insanity. Free entry, deadly bass, shredding gats, cheap drinks and smoking hot Female performers. BAND STAGE KAOSIS. The 10 piece jugganaut that fuses metal, riddim, dnb and horrorcore into a seething pit of sex, violence and psychosis. The last time Kaosis played live was at RNV where they headlined the Garden Stage to 6k frothing fiends. This is the last show Kaosis will be playing this year before touring abroad. Salem Squad The ultra provocative, all female hype squad bring their “A” game to this show and team up with Kaosis to headline Rail fest. Checaine. Checaine are a Melodic/Progressive Hard Rock band from Hamilton. They bring powerful hooks to their songs and a progressive style that keeps the music evolving and exciting. A...
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