Boil up ep 1 @ GravityBass Culture is back with a new unique boiler room show set to take your Friday night to new heights.

Friday 12th October @ Gravity

The night will start early from 8:30pm and doors will close early too with everything packed up and ready for bed by 1:30am.

Gracing us with the sweet sweet melodies of artists such as herzaloyde, mo vibez, kaytranada and Sammy g, Yancey and Tai Raman are champing at the bit to join the local boys at gravity for a night of music not usually heard in town.

Basically it’s guna be a different, funky, groovy sorta night and you’ll more than likely enjoy yourself.

$5 all night

Local support from

Lord Falcon (TTO)
Kraaig Lacera (15F)
Thead Vert (Tahuna)